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Published May 2020

Dear Berkshire Bruins Families,

We hope that everyone is maintaining some sanity during these unprecedented times and remaining positive. Although we are stuck at home with our kids and performing new homeschooling tasks, we thought that it would be a nice distraction to chat with you about hockey and provide you with some important updates.

First, we have begun the process of restructuring ourselves so that we can better support the organization and our families in achieving our long term goals. The organization is now led by an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has been expanded to include 9 members and it is our pleasure to welcome our newest members of the Executive Committee, Andrea Nuciforo, and Matt Sheehy. The other members of the Executive Committee are Leanne Bishop, John Hammill, Dan Kearns, Joe Kotelnicki, Randy McLeod, Matt Noyes, and Steve Polastri. In April, we voted on this new structure and approved Matt Sheehy as Chair of the Executive Committee.

Second, the Executive Committee approved the establishment of several working committees. These committees will require the support of you and your families in order for us to move forward as an organization. The new committees are:

  • Player Development, Compliance, & Coaching Coordination
  • Social Media and Individual Team Communications
  • Scheduling & Team Management
  • Kittredge Tournament

We will have more information in the coming months on the charge of each of these committees and the expectations of what we hope each committee will do to support the program and our players. We will be in touch with you and seeking volunteers to fill out these committees.

Third, the Executive Committee approved a new Vision and Mission statement for the organization. We hope this is a helpful guide for coaches, families, and players. It will serve as a roadmap for our approach as an organization and guidance for the decisions that will be made.

We remain keenly focused on next season and doing lots of planning. We are of course hopeful that we will return to some sense of normalcy soon and that we can begin supporting our teams as they compete in the fall. We are exploring options for league affiliations for our travel team programs as well as how to expand our house league program to engage more youth in hockey.

Lastly, there are plenty of opportunities to get your hockey fix during the summer months including the CDSHL, the Hockey Hut in Clifton Park, Friday night’s with Dave Randall at the Albany County Rink, at-home workouts using Mass Hockey or USA Hockey drills, and hopefully plenty of summer camps.

If you have any questions, the Executive Committee’s contact information is available on the website. We would love to hear from you. Please spread the word about our program. We are excited about our growth and would love to engage more players in the game.


Stay healthy and safe.

The Berkshire Bruins Youth Hockey Organization Executive Committee