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Gilbert D. (Gib) Kittredge of Dalton, formal general superintendent of Crane and company, was many things to many people. To his family, he was a devoted husband and loving father. To the community, he was Director of the Pittsfield National Bank, Chairman of the Dalton Community Recreation Program, a member of the Board of Governors of the American National Red Cross, Chairman of the Building Campaign of the First Congregational Church of Dalton, a trustee of Phillips Academy, Committee Chairman of a group which was responsible for the building of a million-dollar blood center in Boston, an active member of the United Fund, as well as other community programs. 

The boys of the area were very fortunate that he also served as the Director for the Pittsfield Boys Club (now the Boys and Girls Club of the Berkshires). As a member of the Club’s Building Committee, Mr. Kittredge played a key role in the construction of the hockey rink. The former Yale hockey player served as the first chairman of the hockey committee and the development of a youth hockey program that became his special project.

Gib Kittredge died on October 1970. He was only 45 years young. At the time of his death, The Berkshire Eagle wrote: “The happy combination of so many warm human values in one individual is rare. Fortunate is any community which has felt their strength and glow. The tragedy is that they have been cut down so prematurely.” The Boys and Girls Club was indeed fortunate to have had Gib Kittredge as a director and friend.