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Coaching On Ice During Social Distancing MASS HOCKEY VIDEO
  Hello,   Thank you to Paul Moore,...
NEW 2021- SafeSport Handbook
  Attached is just released 2020-2021 USA Hockey...
USA Hockey Virtual Coaching Clinics & Temporary Card Options
  June 3, 2020 On behalf of USA Hockey, we hope...
On-Ice Activities w/ Social Distancing
  Coaching On-Ice Activities with Social Distancing Recently,...
June | Update One
  Dear Berkshire Bruins Coaches & Families, First...
Coaching On Ice During Social Distancing MASS HOCKEY VIDEO
by Berkshire Bruins posted 6/11/2020
Thank you to Paul Moore, Roger Grillo and Falmouth Youth Hockey! We were able to put together a short video highlighting how coaches can use the ice during Massachusetts COVID19 Phase 2 response. It came out great!!!
Please share with whomever you would like. Let me know if you have any questions. The link to the video is below.
Elizabeth Cohen
Manager of Communications & Events
Massachusetts Hockey
NEW 2021- SafeSport Handbook
by Berkshire Bruins posted 6/11/2020
Attached is just released 2020-2021 USA Hockey SafeSport Handbook.
Noteworthy revisions:
  • page 6 "Board members" of all associations are "participants" in USA Hockey who MUSt take SafeSport training.
  • page 15 "Aiding & Abetting." New language stating that anyone who aids, assists, facilitates, or encourages the commission of prohibited conduct is liable.
  • page 17 Code now prohibit anyone from exposing minors to sexual situations - including any imagery , comments, gestures, etc.
  • page 18 Includes "willful tolerance" as a prohibited action;  for example,  if a coach is aware of ongoing hazing ritual and tolerates it.
  • page 19  Changes language to create consistency in reporting to state: If an adult participant reasonable suspects that an incident of sexual misconduct has occurred, they must immediately report the incident to the USCSS.
  • page 23 Added new language stating that the USCSS may provide some or all of its case information, documentation or evidence to law enforcement.
  • page 26 The time allowed to request a hearing changed 5 days to 10 business days.
  • page 27 Added language stating that "If any person or entity misrepresents the process, the underlying facts, or the outcome of a matter, the Center reserves the right to publicly correct.
  • page 41 Added new language regarding requests for Arbitration:  "If, within 30 calendar days of the request for arbitration, the REspondent fails to provide the deposit, the Center or the arbitration body will issue a notice of failure to pay.  If payment is not made within 5 days after the notice of failure to pay is issued, or an extension is not granted, then the opportunity to request arbitration lapses and the decision is final.
  • page 41 last sentence deleted which stated that if the USCSS grants an exemption fro paying fees for arbitration, it shall pay all fees and expenses associated with arbitration.  The Center needs the discretion to cover whatever amount is appropriate in each situation.
Please contact me with any questions.
Christine Mayer
USA Hockey safeSport Coordinator
617 429 2103
USA Hockey Virtual Coaching Clinics & Temporary Card Options
by Berkshire Bruins posted 6/11/2020
June 3, 2020
On behalf of USA Hockey, we hope that your family is healthy and safe! As states begin to open, we look forward to the day we are all back on the ice!
With the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken a hard look at how we will be delivering USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program, realizing the possibility that in person clinics this season may be different based upon social gathering criteria set by each state.
That being said, we are excited to be moving forward with online virtual clinics starting immediately. We will begin posting these clinics this week!
You can register for a virtual clinic just like you have done in the past at: usahockey.com/coachingclinics
As stated above our goal is to have in-person clinics as soon as they are allowed and safe for all participants.
We understand that these are very different, challenging and uncertain times for everyone. So this season, we will offer a Temporary Card for all coaches that may feel this is the best option for them during this pandemic. The Temporary Card will allow each coach to have the proper level of certification for the 2020-21 season without attending a clinic. This option will be offered through June 30, 2020.
Please click here to register for the Temporary Card online or download the form that you will need to complete and submit to the USA Hockey national office. Additionally, if you do opt for the Temporary Card, you will be able to sit in on any USA Hockey coaching clinic/webinar this season if your circumstances change for no additional charge.
This is a great time to get the following accomplished before the season begins:
We appreciate all that you do for hockey and the players you coach! Stay healthy and safe. We will all get through this together.
Yours in hockey,
USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program
On-Ice Activities w/ Social Distancing
by John Hammill posted 6/10/2020

Coaching On-Ice Activities with Social Distancing

Recently, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts announced the framework for amateur organized sports activities and programs to return during #COVID19MA Phase 2 from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Now, we are offering a webinar on best practices for coaches planning for on-ice activities on Monday, June 8, 2020 at 7 p.m.

You can register for the webinar by clicking on the provided link or on the picture below: https://bit.ly/20MAHC

As rinks in Massachusetts prepare to open in Phase 2 of the reopening plan, Roger Grillo will share practice plans and advice for “best practices” that coaches can follow to get the most out of their ice time and skill development.

If you have any specific questions you would like to see answered, please email them directly to - Let us know your name and how you are associated with hockey, like parent, player, coach, etc.


June | Update One
by John Hammill posted 6/10/2020

Dear Berkshire Bruins Coaches & Families,

First and foremost, thanks so much for your continued support and effort to make the Berkshire Bruins Youth Hockey Organization a success.  Once again, these are challenging times and we hope our Bruins families are safe and feel supported.

We are taking advantage of the opportunity during this down time from the normal chaos of life to get organized and prepare for what we hope will be a wonderful 2020-2021 season.  As you heard from the Executive Committee via email on March 15, 2020  we are reorganizing ourselves and thinking hard about various affiliations for the upcoming season.

We are anticipating much more stringent rules and requirements with respect to coaching certifications, background checks, etc. for next season and many of the leagues we are looking at require this.  A lack of compliance will result in our teams forfeiting games or being removed from leagues.  If you plan on coaching next season, which includes being on the ice during practice or on the bench during games, please review the requirements and register for the necessary classes.

Positively, MA Hockey and USA Hockey have recently loosened some restrictions and made classes and courses available now as opposed to waiting until fall.  Below is a recent email highlighting many of the available resources.  Including two of the most time consuming requirements for certification, SafeSport and the Age-Specific Online Modules.  These are now available for you to complete well before the hectic start of the season when your time is taken with scheduling games and building practice plans.  

Additionally, the above referenced email included links to webinars from MA Hockey and USA Hockey.  The MA Hockey Webinars are great, but even more impressive and extensive are the  series of USA Hockey ADM Webinars.  All webinars, plus a number of other great resources can also be found at https://www.mahockey.org/hockeyresources.  We hope you check them out.  

Our hope and goal is that we can hit the ground running this Fall and have everyone with the appropriate certifications in place in advance of the season.  If you have any questions or are interested in coaching, please do not hesitate to reach out to me ( ) with questions.



John Hammill

Member, Berkshire Bruins Youth Hockey Executive Committee

Chair, Player Development, Compliance, and Coaching Coordination



Adobe PDF file 20/21' SafeSport Handbook *-  Updated Handbook

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.