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Hockey Program Update - Introduction of Games
Dear Players, Families, and Coaches,   What a wonderful...
Hockey Update & New Screening Form
All, Good morning.  So far, so good.  Day One of the...
Hockey Program Update - Introduction of Games
Dear Players, Families, and Coaches,
What a wonderful week last week was at the Boys and Girls Club for the February break.  A special thanks to the Boys and Girls Club team and especially our coaches.  Some of our cohorts practiced for six straight days and got a lot of ice.  By the end of the week, there were a lot of tired players, rink staff, and coaches.  If you get the opportunity, please share your thanks.
We are back to our normal weekly schedule and ice time slots.  As a reminder, the practice schedule is available online but also attached as a reminder.  We recognize that Mother Nature has impacted some of our practice cohorts more than others.  We are aware of this disparity and exploring opportunities to make up missed ice time.
The leadership of the Boys and Girls has approved us having in house games.  Our current plan is to begin games starting with the weekend of March 6th if not before.
For Mites and Squirts, coaches will use the weekend ice slots to provide the opportunity for cross ice games or for our Squirt Kearns group, full ice opportunities.  There will be no mixing of the cohorts for these groups.
For our PeeWee and Bantam cohorts, we will actually create a structure where we will effectively mix players to create a competitive environment and use the current PeeWee and Bantam weekend ice slots (Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 AM or 11:40 AM) for games including referees.  Bantams will be playing with Bantams and PeeWees with PeeWees but players will be mixed amongst the two cohorts at these levels.  A targeted email to these groups will be sent identifying how teams will be formed for each ice slot, goaltender assignments, spectator restrictions, etc.  We are really excited about this and we anticipate that players will get 6 or possibly 7 games over the next month.
Lastly, it has been noted that some players are not wearing proper fitting masks or exiting the rink in a timely fashion.  We would encourage everyone to continue to adhere to the established protocols so we can maintain our planned program going forward.
Once again, we thank you for your patience and continued support.  We hope everyone is enjoying the program.
Together for Hockey!
Boys and Girls Club Youth Hockey

by posted 02/23/2021
Hockey Update & New Screening Form


Good morning.  So far, so good.  Day One of the February Break Schedule was a success.  Thank you to all the players, parents and coaches for adhering to our protocols, etc.

Please remember that once the players exit the ice that everyone needs to remove skates and exit the facility expeditiously.  The team needs to sanitize and prepare the rink for the next cohort.

The Boys & Girls Club has released a new symptom screening form and it is attached.  Please begin using it as soon as possible.  We will be accepting the old form for the next couple of days but we would like to transition to the new form as soon as possible.

New System Screening Form

Thanks so much.  Have a wonderful day on the ice.

Together for Hockey!

Boys and Girls Club Youth Hockey

by posted 02/16/2021
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